PFKI SMD (TPS60400DBVR) Voltage Regulator IC

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PFKI SMD (TPS60400DBVR) Voltage Regulator IC.

TPS60400DBVR Unregulated 60-mA Charge Pump Voltage Inverter. The TPS6040x family of devices generates an unregulated negative output voltage from an input voltage ranging from 1.6 V to 5.5 V. The devices are typically supplied by a preregulated supply rail of 5 V or 3.3 V. Due to its wide input voltage range, two or three NiCd, NiMH, or alkaline battery cells, as well as one Li-Ion cell can also power them.

Features :

  • Inverts Input Supply Voltage 
  • Up to 60-mA Output Current 
  • Only Three Small 1-µF Ceramic Capacitors Needed •
  • Input Voltage Range From 1.6 V to 5.5 V 
  • PowerSave-Mode for Improved Efficiency at LowOutput Currents (TPS60400)
  • Device Quiescent Current Typical 65 µA
  • Integrated Active Schottky-Diode for Start-up Into Load 
  • Small 5-Pin SOT-23 Package 
  • Evaluation Module Available TPS60400EVM-178

Applications :

  •  LCD Bias • GaAs Bias for RF Power Amps
  • Sensor Supply in Portable Instruments
  • Bipolar Amplifier Supply
  • Medical Instruments
  • Battery-Operated Equipment

Pin Configuration and Functions :

Absolute Maximum Ratings :

  • IN to GND -0.3 5.5 V
  • OUT to GND -5.5 0.3 V
  • Continuous output current 80 mA
  • Maximum junction temperature, TJ 150 °C

Download PFKI datasheet ..... 

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