SM72295 SMD Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver IC

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SM72295 SMD Photovoltaic Full Bridge Driver IC.


The S72295 Driver IC SMD is designed to drive 4 discrete N type MOSFET’s in a full bridge configuration. The drivers provide 3A of peak current for fast efficient switching  and integrated high speed bootstrap diodes.


  • Dual Half Bridge MOSFET Drivers
  • Integrated 100V Bootstrap Diodes
  • Independent High and Low Driver Logic Inputs
  • Bootstrap Supply Voltage Range up to 115V DC
  • Two Current Sense Amplifiers with Externally Programmable Gain and Buffered Outputs
  • Programmable Over Voltage Protection

Absolute Maximum Ratings :

  • VCCA, VCCB -0.3 to 14V
  • VDD -0.3 to 7V
  • HBA to HSA, HBB to HSB -0.3 to 15V
  • LIA,LIB,HIA,HIB,OVS -0.3 to 7V
  • LOA,LOB -0.3 to VCC+ 0.3V

Connection Diagram

Luminous Zelio 1100 Inverter control Card

For More Information download S72295 IC Datasheet from download.

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    New and original drive ic

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    Original and new IC

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