BC547 Transistor 50V NPN - 50PCs

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BC547 Transistor 50V NPN - 50PCs || BC547 Transistor Price In India || Transistor BC547 NPN.

The BC547 transistor has three terminals: the collector, the base, and the emitter. The collector terminal is the main terminal that is used to connect the transistor to the load, such as an LED or a motor. The base terminal is the control terminal, and the emitter terminal is the terminal that is connected to the ground.

The transistor operates by using the flow of current through the base terminal to control the flow of current between the collector and emitter terminals. When a small current flows through the base terminal, it allows a larger current to flow through the collector and emitter, turning the transistor on. When the base current is cut off, the transistor is turned off.

BC547 Transistor use are Amplify and Switching Applications.

Absolute Maximum Ratings :

  • VCBO Collector-Base Voltage: 50V
  • VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage: 45V
  • VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage: 6V
  • IC Collector Current (DC): 100 mA
  • Cob Output Capacitance (VCB=10V, IE=0, f=1MHz): 6 pF
  • Cib Input Capacitance (VEB=0.5V, IC=0, f=1MHz): 9 pF
  • TJ Junction Temperature 150 °C
  • Package: TO-92

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