18V Zener Diode 500mW 5% Minimelf SOD-80 SMD

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18V Zener diode SMD Price || Zener diode Price || 18V SMD Zener Diode 500m Watt 5% Minimelf SOD-80 SMD

500mW 18V Surface Mount Zener Diode

What Is Zener Diode?

A Zener diode is a silicon semiconductor device that permits current to flow in either a forward or reverse direction. The diode consists of a special, heavily doped p-n junction, designed to conduct in the reverse direction when a certain specified voltage is reached.


  • Vz – Zener Voltage:18 V
  • Glass passivated chip junction
  • Mounting Style:SMD/SMT
  • Package/Case:SOD-80
  • Pd – Power Dissipation:500 mW
  • Voltage Tolerance:5 %
  • Package/Case:SOD-80
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Zz – Zener Impedance:24 Ohms
  • Minimum Operating Temperature:– 65 C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 175 C
  • Test Current:500 mA
  • Dimensions: Height:1.5 mm,Length:3.5 mm,Width:1.5 mm


  • For general purpose regulation and protection applications
  • Inverter & UPS
How Zener diode work as voltage regulator.
  • Tolerance and Type Number Designation. The type numbers listed have a standard tolerance on the nominal zener voltage of ±5%
  • Zener Voltage (Vz) Measurement. Guarantees the zener voltage when measured at 90 seconds while maintaining the lead temperature(TL) at 30℃±1°C, from the diode body
  • Zener Impedance (Zz) Derivation. The zener impedance is derives from the 60 cycle AC voltage, which result when an ac current having and rms value equal to 10% of the DC zener current (IZT or IZK) is superimposed on IZT or IZK

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